Well it said to make an introduction so here is mine. *laughs nervously*
I am new here. I loves me some Genesis and Sephiroth. Umm I'm kinda drawing a blank so umm I'm going to keep this short. I'd really hate to spam up this page. heh. Bye for now!
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[Fic] Sephiroth/Genesis(/Angeal) -- Final Act

Title: Final Act
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing/Characters: Sephiroth and Genesis. Angeal in passing.
Rating: PG
Total length: 560
Warnings: Um. Spoilers?
Summary: Though no oath is shared between the lovers, in their hearts they know they will meet again.
Author's Note: Written for Day 12 of Dark Month. sometimesamuse -- Angeal/Genesis/Sephiroth, GD, mortality . Ugh. Freaking poems. Freaking impossible characters. Sephiroth's head is a truly messy place, especially post-mortem. So, the end result is a little bit messy. Kind of like a character study gone horribly, horribly awry.

My soul, corrupted by vengeance, hath endured torment to find the end of the journey, in my own salvation and your eternal slumber.
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FFVII: Silence, Bittersweet

Author: 58apologies</span></span> aka. Halaa

Fandom: Generoth, FFVII

Rating: T

Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship

Warnings: Angst. A lot of angst.

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine... so don't bother.

Summary: It was the kind of reaction to emotion that destroyed perfectly good people. It was the kind of reaction that caused already unstable men to go insane and slaughter a town full of innocents. Genesis saw it for what it was – nothing more than a hoax.

[Fic] REVOLUTION: Act I [Sephiroth/Genesis]

I know that some people don't like AUs, but this is too epic to just brush away 8D

Author: chthonic_scion and gothicdragon752
Fandom: Victorian AU
Rating: M
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis, everyone/Genesis
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Drama, Epic.
Warnings: Mild substance abuse, prostitution, cross-dressing, attempted rape... for starters
Synopsis: When a relationship is built on a lie, how can anything come of it?
Disclaimer: Characters are not ours; we're too poor to be sued anyway.
Critique: Welcome
Act I Wordcount: 5,423


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New Forum Site, Silver Flames

Wow I haven't posted on here since my Introduction here.......... *laughs nervously*

Anyways I decided to make a forum for just this lovely paring...... Sadly it's only me on there :(

So if you would like to join go to Sliver Flames
I thought it was a fitting name for the Forum..... Don't you guys think?

Also if the community would like to affiliate with the forum I don't mind it at all..... So see you guys there :D

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Fics and fan mix :D

So this is my fic spam for GSD 8D All links go back to my journal :3

Title; Solstice

Author; chthonic_scion 

Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis

Word count; ~5000

Rating; M

Warnings; Yaoi. Fluff, smut, food abuse, water fight. :D

Summary; What better way to spend a weekend off than with the one he trusted most?


Title; Melting of the Ice
Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis
Word count; ~2000
Rating; T
Warnings; none really :3
Summary; He was sick of being kept a secret, but it might be worth it. 'All Year Round Falling in Love': Spring.

Melt the Ice

Title; Define: Voyeurism

Authors; [info]chthonic_scion and [info]gothicdragon752 

Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis, Angeal/Genesis

Word count; ~3838

Rating; M

Warnings; glorious, unashamed PWP. Yaoi, smut, oral, amateur porn and accompanying voyeurism. :3

Summary; Tonight was to get Sephiroth out of his box; break through the walls of what he deemed right and wrong. A repeat viewing would be in order...

Define: Voyeurism


Title; Notturno

Author; chthonic_scion  [xlightfromabovex]

Wordcount; ~5,500

Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis

Rating; M

Warnings; AU, courtesans, graphic M/M. Nothing else to report :3


And the GSD playlist can be downloaded here for part one and here for part two :3
Also, a collab GMV here!
Sorry if that bit's not allowed on this comm D':

Thanks everyone for participating :D :D

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