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Hi! [13 Mar 2011|02:22pm]

Well it said to make an introduction so here is mine. *laughs nervously*
I am new here. I loves me some Genesis and Sephiroth. Umm I'm kinda drawing a blank so umm I'm going to keep this short. I'd really hate to spam up this page. heh. Bye for now!
To a world that abhors you and I

[Fic] Sephiroth/Genesis(/Angeal) -- Final Act [12 Oct 2010|05:10pm]

Title: Final Act
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing/Characters: Sephiroth and Genesis. Angeal in passing.
Rating: PG
Total length: 560
Warnings: Um. Spoilers?
Summary: Though no oath is shared between the lovers, in their hearts they know they will meet again.
Author's Note: Written for Day 12 of Dark Month. sometimesamuse -- Angeal/Genesis/Sephiroth, GD, mortality . Ugh. Freaking poems. Freaking impossible characters. Sephiroth's head is a truly messy place, especially post-mortem. So, the end result is a little bit messy. Kind of like a character study gone horribly, horribly awry.

My soul, corrupted by vengeance, hath endured torment to find the end of the journey, in my own salvation and your eternal slumber.
To a world that abhors you and I

Drawing Meme: Sephiroth/Genesis [12 Jun 2010|04:53pm]

This is from my dA...

If you have a DeviantArt account, comments are love 8D
I'm always looking for constructive critique!
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FFVII: Silence, Bittersweet [14 Jan 2010|11:28am]

Author: 58apologies</span></span> aka. Halaa

Fandom: Generoth, FFVII

Rating: T

Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship

Warnings: Angst. A lot of angst.

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine... so don't bother.

Summary: It was the kind of reaction to emotion that destroyed perfectly good people. It was the kind of reaction that caused already unstable men to go insane and slaughter a town full of innocents. Genesis saw it for what it was – nothing more than a hoax.
To a world that abhors you and I

[Fic] REVOLUTION: Act I [Sephiroth/Genesis] [30 Oct 2009|07:02pm]

I know that some people don't like AUs, but this is too epic to just brush away 8D

Author: chthonic_scion and gothicdragon752
Fandom: Victorian AU
Rating: M
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis, everyone/Genesis
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Drama, Epic.
Warnings: Mild substance abuse, prostitution, cross-dressing, attempted rape... for starters
Synopsis: When a relationship is built on a lie, how can anything come of it?
Disclaimer: Characters are not ours; we're too poor to be sued anyway.
Critique: Welcome
Act I Wordcount: 5,423


Act ICollapse )
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New Forum Site, Silver Flames [18 Sep 2009|03:19am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Wow I haven't posted on here since my Introduction here.......... *laughs nervously*

Anyways I decided to make a forum for just this lovely paring...... Sadly it's only me on there :(

So if you would like to join go to Sliver Flames
I thought it was a fitting name for the Forum..... Don't you guys think?

Also if the community would like to affiliate with the forum I don't mind it at all..... So see you guys there :D

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[Fic] Temptation [Sephiroth/Genesis] [18 Aug 2009|03:57pm]

What has happened to this com?! It's gotten too silent!!! D8

Rating: M
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis
Canon: Pre-Crisis Core
Warnings: Smut.
Synopsis: Their afternoon off to take a walk in the woods.


The most beautiful thing in the forest...Collapse )


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ART SPAM TIEM [11 Aug 2009|01:45pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

So during my one month vacation I was thinking that maybe I should make up for missing GSD. But then again, who said that you should only draw it ONLY on GSD? ;D

Pairings: GenSefi
Rating: PG
Warning: Some random crack and one pic that isn't TOO graphic but just to be safe..

I will someday find a cure to procrastination!

To a world that abhors you and I

Fics and fan mix :D [16 Jul 2009|01:32pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So this is my fic spam for GSD 8D All links go back to my journal :3

Title; Solstice

Author; chthonic_scion 

Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis

Word count; ~5000

Rating; M

Warnings; Yaoi. Fluff, smut, food abuse, water fight. :D

Summary; What better way to spend a weekend off than with the one he trusted most?


Title; Melting of the Ice
Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis
Word count; ~2000
Rating; T
Warnings; none really :3
Summary; He was sick of being kept a secret, but it might be worth it. 'All Year Round Falling in Love': Spring.

Melt the Ice

Title; Define: Voyeurism

Authors; [info]chthonic_scion and [info]gothicdragon752 

Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis, Angeal/Genesis

Word count; ~3838

Rating; M

Warnings; glorious, unashamed PWP. Yaoi, smut, oral, amateur porn and accompanying voyeurism. :3

Summary; Tonight was to get Sephiroth out of his box; break through the walls of what he deemed right and wrong. A repeat viewing would be in order...

Define: Voyeurism


Title; Notturno

Author; chthonic_scion  [xlightfromabovex]

Wordcount; ~5,500

Pairing; Sephiroth/Genesis

Rating; M

Warnings; AU, courtesans, graphic M/M. Nothing else to report :3


And the GSD playlist can be downloaded here for part one and here for part two :3
Also, a collab GMV here!
Sorry if that bit's not allowed on this comm D':

Thanks everyone for participating :D :D

To a world that abhors you and I

Fic and Fanart [16 Jul 2009|12:38pm]

Teach Me Love
(Sephiroth/Genesis, R, smut, fluff, ~1500 words)

Ode to the Sun
(Sephiroth/Genesis, PG, light angst, ~500 words)

Pain of Red
(Sephiroth/Genesis, R, bondage, wax, blood play, asphyxiation, masturbation, ~400 words)

(probably NSFW even though no bits are showing)

Links go to my journal. Happy Sephesis Day!
To a world that abhors you and I

[16 Jul 2009|02:13am]


I don't know if this should be here, if it's not then please delete it. Anyways I made a forum just for Sephiroth/Genesis so if anyone wants to join then feel free to do so.

To the ForumCollapse )
To a world that abhors you and I

GMV :3 [15 Jul 2009|01:45pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Heyo~! This is a Sephesis GMV I made to Gunning Down Romance by Savage Garden :3 

Link heeeere :DCollapse )

To a world that abhors you and I

It is here! [15 Jul 2009|12:28am]

[ mood | excited ]


The two-day event has begun! Later I'll upload the playlist to 4shared [but not now, since it's 12.30 in the morning] and will be sure to post the link[s] for everyone! :D :D 

Have a great time~!

To a world that abhors you and I

[Fic] Displace and Forget [Sephiroth/Genesis] [26 Jun 2009|09:06pm]

Title: Displace and Forget
Rating: M.
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis
Genre: Smut with some angst.
Canon: Pre-Crisis Core
Warnings: Smut. And... well.... you'll see.
Synopsis: Genesis just wanted to forget those awful memories from his youth.
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.
AN: If you didn't love me before, you will now 8D


What has been seen....Collapse )


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Event Advert! ^^ [23 Jun 2009|02:33pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Heyo everyone! This is kind of an introductory post, seeing as it's my first one here, so hello ^^ I hope the rest of this is allowed, if not, do delete D:

We have been planning an event for a while, known as Global Sephesis Day! It's been scheduled for the 15th and 16th July, which are a Wednesday and Thursday, [shh that's two days, but it wouldn't be so good as a title if it was called Global Sephesis TwoDays ne? ;D] to allow for time zones, this being [hopefully ^^] a global event! 

So far, it's going to involve posting Sephesis stuff everywhere - LJ, FF.net, deviantArt, wherever you like ^^ 'Stuff' refers to fanfics, art, AMVs, whatever you can think of! There can also be RP'ing for whoever wants to join in, [but we'll have to see who'd want to do that to organise it...] and I'm compiling a fan mix of songs [i.e. songs that we think fit the pairing ^^] All suggestions for that are much appreciated, and the folder will be up for download or sending on the day[s].

We'd be really chuffed if you could come join us, and if anyone has any other suggestions for things we could do to raise awareness / love for Sephesis [seeing as those two little dears are who this is all dedicated to] fel free to contact me or gothicdragon752!

Please comment or contact me if you're interested - we'd love to see this go ahead in the style Gen and Seph deserve 83
Thanks again!

~c_s [xlightfromabovex on ff.net if anyone knows me there xD]

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Arts! [09 May 2009|09:43am]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Helloo... I bring in a fan-art which was a b-day present for gothicdragon752

Rating: G
Warnings: 147% Fluff and nothing but fluff
Character/Pairing: GenSefi
Disclaimer: characters owned by Square Enix
Artist note: As soon as I might be able to work on the laptop somewhere where my mom won't ever see me, I might be able to work on things other than Cuteness and fluff XD

Melloriiiine~ :DCollapse )

To a world that abhors you and I

Possession (Genesis/Sephiroth/Genesis) [24 Apr 2009|03:04am]

Title: Possession
Pairing: Genesis/Sephiroth/Genesis
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1003
Summary: Genesis left Sephiroth something when he went MIA.

I forgot how to do a fake LJ cut...

X-posted to various applicable communities. ^_^
To a world that abhors you and I

fifthcrisis / a FFVII compilation friendly RPG. [15 Feb 2009|08:07pm]

If posting this is against the rules, we're sorry. Please delete. But our opening day is soon, and we're desperately seeking both Genesis and Sephiroth. Surely you'll help us?


premise and gameplay ; world map ; rules ; reserved characters ; taken characters.
Six years after what many feared would be the end of the Planet, all has seemed peaceful. For two years now, life has gone on smoothly, following it's own course of ups and downs without any sort of outside influence. In recent months, however, things seem different, almost out of sorts. You can feel it in the air around you, taste it in the foods you eat. You can feel it in your being. Everything seems as though it's drained, slowly becoming lifeless as though something is sucking the very life force from the Planet.

Maybe something is. Lately there have been news reports about sections of the Planet turning up seemingly dead. Forests and grasslands are beginning to wither, animals are dying for no apparent reason. This is the next crisis to face the Planet, and if it can't be stopped, all life--the entire Planet--will dry up and crumble into space.

It's up to you to find a way to stop it. Welcome to the Planets Fifth Crisis, and you're right in the middle of it.
Welcome. This is a FFVII-based roleplay on Livejournal, focusing on the end of the Compilation of FFVII, three years after the end of Dirge of Cerberus. Please take a look through the Premise and Rule sections located on the navigation bars above and below this summary if you're thinking of joining us.

applications ; friend add / remove commands ; drops and hiatus notices.
profile ; layout ; Fifth Crisis OOC community ; Fifth Crisis log community ; .

[Ficlet] Sephiroth/Genesis [03 Feb 2009|02:02am]

Title: Little Red Riding Hood
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: a little smut
Word count: ~890
Summary: Straying from the right path has its advantages.
A/N: I just know that one of these days, the Brothers Grimm will rise from their grave and have a few words with me... Written for the areyougame community at IJ. Many thanks to _ice_lady_  for the beta reading.

Want me to show you my lair?Collapse )
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My Fried the fates are cruel.... [27 Jan 2009|04:27pm]

[ mood | working ]

✘// f o r e s h o c k

Welcome to Foreshock. The year is 1990 in the urban metropolis of Midgar. ShinRa Electric Power Company is waging war against Wutai and winning, but not without considerable losses. Many of their operatives were killed, captured, or simply went missing in action. ShinRa's enemies are small but rapidly growing, as the company's reactors and policies come under fire from a growing threat in the guise of radical anti-ShinRa environmentalist groups. ShinRa needs you to help fight the encroaching enmity, and uphold its values and goals in providing the Shining City on a Hill for the population of Midgar.

Come join us in Foreshock, a liveJournal roleplay based on the world of Final Fantasy VII. The story begins about seven years prior to the beginning of the original game and is based around (but by no means limited to) the events of Crisis Core. Expect extensive timeline analysis to provide in-depth plots and intriguing role-play experiences.

If you're interested in playing an old-stlye canon game, read through the info below and drop us an app! We can't wait to play with you!


Foreshock is a fairly new Final Fantasy VII pre-game RPG. We've recently started play and we're still open for applications, including canon and original roles! Come check us out.


To a world that abhors you and I

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